Boy Sexually Assaulted and Murdered in the UAE

Just like anywhere else in the world, sexual pretators lurk the streets of the big cities, as well as the rural areas, but these types of crimes in the Arab world are even more shocking. The following is a horrible account of this type of abuse that was discovered in the United Arab Emirates.

A man disguised as a woman in a burqa – an Islamic dress that females use to cover themselves – lured an 11-year-old boy to sexually assault him. He then murdered the boy. The irony is that the entire crime took place on the rooftop of the boy’s residential building; which prompts any sane person to ponder over how this incident ever occurred in broad daylight in the vicinity of the child’s own house?

Does The Sexual Orientation Matter?

At this point it doesn’t even matter what the sexual orientation of the criminal was, the fact that he sexually abused a child and then murdered him with cold apathy is blood curdling to any human being, no matter how heartless they might be inside.

How He Lured The Boy…
The boy was returning home from a mosque when the man posed in a burqa to lure the boy to the rooftop. CCTV footage shows him entering inside the building’s elevator with the boy; he then proceeded to sexually assault the boy and strangled him to death. The poor boy was found half naked on the rooftop by air conditioning technicians who had gone up there to perform repairs.

The boy in question, Azan Janjua of Pakistani origin, was instructed by his parents to not trust any strangers – especially men. The criminal, who was also a Pakistani, knew this little detail and so decided to disguise himself as a woman. This means that the boy and the man somehow knew each other beforehand.

Most Crimes Are Committed by Acquaintances
Most sexual crimes are committed by acquaintances, who coldly calculate their crimes and don’t just give in to their impulse which makes their actions even more horrific; and this case is no different, the director general of Abu Dhabi police, Major General Maktoum Al Sharifi reports that the criminal actually knew the boy’s family.

Undue Trust Placed on Women
Here’s the disconcerting fact about the crime, the boy was told to not trust strange men – but apparently all safety measures are dropped when the person in question turns out to be a female. Are females not capable of committing crimes? Most people gawk at you in disbelief when informed that women are also capable of committing sexual crimes against men – and instead make light of a very serious matter.

If the boy had been told to include women in his list of suspicious strangers to not blindly follow – perhaps his life would have been spared. But the undue trust society places on women in general contributes significantly to unreported crimes against men in the UAE.

Making Peace With It
The boy’s father, Majid Janjua, a doctor by profession has made peace with the heinous crime, “He was fasting and he went to the masjid for Asr prayers and then went missing.” “It is fate; Allah’s decision. We have to accept it.” The boy has a Russian mother and came to live with his father two years ago.