Dog Mercilessly Butchered in the UAE

Animal abuse in the UAE often goes unchecked, and it seems that no species is safe from the atrocities of insensitive people who believe they have power over a small animal. Whether it is endangered leopards, exotic snakes or even common domesticated animals such as dogs and cats – it seems they’re all unsafe in the UAE. This time the latest victim of animal abuse is a dog whose tail was mercilessly cut off from her frail body and she was left to die out in the streets.

The dog, lovingly named as Luci was found on 25 June in Abu Dhabi by members of the Animal Action UAE group. She was suffering from a gaping wound and was struck with an infection, her problem was so dire that she couldn’t even pass stool without reeling in from severe pain. The volunteers of the Animal Action group promptly took her to a veterinarian where it is hoped she would be making full recovery.  

The animals group is seeking a foster home for the poor dog where she will be spending some two to three weeks before being switched permanently into the care of a loving home. While it is still up to everyone’s speculation on how the female dog got into this predicament in the first place, it is obvious this cannot be the work of another dog, since they are not equipped with dealing such ‘clean’ wounds to their fellow dogs. Nor was she run over by an oncoming vehicle, because such accidents tend to be completely lethal or at best to tend cripple the victim by damaging them all over the body.

Instead, many believe this is the work of miscreants who felt they had power over the poor creature and decapitated her tail leaving her to die on the streets. Probably a bunch of misfit youth with a deranged sense of superiority over the weak and helpless – it makes sense to ask them the question, if being larger and stronger gives you the right to dish out pain and punishment, does it mean that someone larger than you has access to the same rights?

Whatever the case, it seems that the UAE is taking more stringent practices in enforcing animal rights. This year they rolled out Federal Law number 22 which is supposed to regulate the possession, trade and breeding of exotic animals. It is now illegal to possess tigers, monkeys, snakes and other such animals. Indeed a lot of raids were carried out cracking down on illegal distributors of exotic animals.

Even though most of these animals are brought in from a tender age and trained to ‘behave’ like domesticated animals, it is impossible to remove their primal instincts – that of using their weapons whether it be sharp teeth, razor like claws or venomous bites.

But despite the new law, various Instagram pages continue to operate in the UAE putting up illegal animals for sale. The problem with the law is that it is unclear which enforcement agency is supposed to enforce them; the police, municipal authorities or environmental officials? For this reason, watchdog and animal rights groups are demanding the UAE government to do more in protecting animals.