The Dark Side of Dubai: Human Trafficking and Prostitution

The Dark Side of Dubai: Human Trafficking and Prostitution

Imagine the prospect of growing up in a country where there is not enough food to eat or clean water to drink. When you grow up in a country that has a shortage for every resource imaginable, you will be almost over the moon to receive a job offer from an illustrious employer who offers you the chance to live a better life. They claim to provide a better life for people if they choose to go live abroad and earn the money that your level of education and skills deserve.

Many people are attracted to the glossy shine amongst the thick façade of the UAE, which beckons labor from all over the world, who dream of a better life, but end up remaining here indefinitely, as they are too poor to return home. When you are living far away from your impoverished home, you want to earn better, even if you are a woman. Imagine your surprise when from the moment you arrive in the UAE, you are informed by your employer that your life will be nothing more than to serve as a escort, a prostitute or a slave to a rich and powerful family who can afford to keep maids all day long with no breaks allowed in between.

They are not allowed any vacations and their every act is dictated by their “masters”, who like to call themselves their employers but act as nothing less than their owners. Maid service is somewhat not such a haggard topic as prostitution is, which targets young women from all around the world who come to the UAE for a better life and end up selling their bodies to put food on the table back in their homes. For some, prostitution becomes an easy option when they come to the UAE for a better life but due to the lack or shortage of education or skills, they are resorted to working in supermarkets and cleaning services, which don’t pay as well. Soon, they realize that they are unable to meet the high living standard of the UAE.

The only option they have is to accept the protection of human trafficking mafia and to present them to the world of prostitution. The lack of women’s rights in the UAE makes it quite easy for others to take advantage of these unfortunate souls who cannot only afford to live in the country, but neither have enough money to go back to their own homelands. Thousands of women in the UAE work in escort services and are part of the prostitution ring, which makes Dubai the epicenter for sex tourism and prostitution hub in the Middle East.

Some experts estimate that there are at least 30,000 sex workers in Dubai alone and in many places; they offer their services openly, even though prostitution is severely prohibited in the UAE due to the promulgation of Islamic codes. If a man or a woman is caught in the act of prostitution, they are subjected to Shariah Laws and are punished with flogging. However, several officials turn a blind eye to the phenomena, as high-ranking officials take part in the sex culture that currently grips the nation.