The Draconian Laws in the UAE That Every Expat Should be Aware of

The UAE has the worst record when it comes to freedom of speech. An individual can be jailed in the Emirati kingdom for making fun of the government. Due to its draconian laws against freedom of speech, the country is currently at the bottom of the press freedom index at 119 out of 180 countries.  

In this article, we will take a look at the repressive government laws that abuses the right of the people to criticize the government.  

Under the Magnifying Glass: The Abhorring UAE Laws

The UAE law has put strict penalties for individuals who are convicted of making fun of the regime. Individuals that ridicule or imitate the country’s leaders can be jailed. The local laws forbid people to use the technological forum or social media sites to deride the actions of the government.  

While the UAE government is more broad-minded as compared to other countries in the Middle East, its laws are still undemocratic and draconian.

Ahmed Abdul Khaleq who is an activist blogger was handed out the sentence of either exile or indefinite detention. Obviously, the blogger had chosen the former option. But kicking out a resident from the country for criticizing the government shows the backward mentality of the regime.

The UAE brutally represses Individuals’ voices and cores of people are arrested every year for criticizing the government. They are thrown into jail for just questioning the policies of the leaders of the UAE.

A Warning to the Expats

Expats are also sometimes the subject of the draconian laws in this country. An organization that helps people who are detained in the Emirati state, had remarked that the government officials hold a racist preconception against the westerners. Expat women that report of rape in the country are detained and charged with having extramarital sex.

According to Radha Striling, who runs a charity, tourists are advised to report crime back at their home country. This is because of the high chances that they might end up being accused of an accomplice to the crime if they report to the local authorities.

A German woman is currently languishing in jail in the UAE after being a victim of a fraud. She was accused of swindling money when in fact she was the victim of a fraud committed by two individuals.

The government is extremely repressive and continues to crack down on the freedom of speech right. In this context, the right thing to do when in the UAE is to keep your lips sealed. Anything that you say against the government or even the country will land you in hot legal waters. Reporting any incident to the local authorities is futile as they will most likely put the blame on you.