ATM Fraud Cases in Saudi Arabia

A large number of fraud cases happen in the Gulf States. While the cases of fraud in Saudi Arabia pale in comparison to the extent of frauds in the neighboring country of UAE, the country is not immune to fraud cases. Here we will look at the recent cases of bank embezzlement involving ATMs in Saudi Arabia.

A Close Look at ATM Fraud Cases in Saudi Arabia

A total of six people have been arrested in Saudi Arabia in connection with an ATM fraud case. The accused persons belonging to Syria are said to have installed ATM machines in Jeddah to steal credit cards. Local reports say that the ATMs were installed near the banks to make them look authentic.

The suspects had entered the Kingdom under business visa. The police had found meter reader and other electronic device in their personal position. They were subsequently arrested and currently pending trial.  

This is not the first time that the police has uncovered a streak of ATM fraud cases. The fraudulent activities were reported in other provinces in Saudi Arabia.  A local media report had stated that two local Saudis had stolen SR 290,000 ($77, 315) in an ATM scam.

One news report states one of the two men approached an elderly man who was getting in his car after withdrawing money, and said that he had left his ATM card in the machine. He escorted him back to the machine where his accomplice was holding a card similar to one that that the other man had used to withdraw money. They told him to re-enter the card to check that the transactions were closed. The following evening the man received a message through SMS that large sums of money were withdrawn from the account. The case is still being probed at the moment with no conclusive results.

Expats to Remain Wary of ATM Fraud Cases in the Kingdom

Over the past years, a lot of other ATM fraud cases have been reported in the Kingdom. In a lot of cases, the criminals had attached electronic devices on the ATM machines. In this way, they are able to steal money from the accounts of the victims.  

Expats who reside in the Kingdom should take precautions when withdrawing money from the ATM. It is necessary to take safety precautions to avoid being the victim of a crime. When using point of sales terminals and ATMs, individuals are advised to place their hands to hide movement of the fingers. Also, in case of any fraud, it’s important to inform the bank and local police immediately. The authorities should also be alerted in case of suspicious activities near the ATM.