Beware of the Spit and Shift Pickpockets in the UAE

Just when you begin to think that a heist method is getting old and outdated thanks to all the Hollywood movies picking it up, a bunch of wrongdoers of the society come up with something even more extraordinary and out of the blue or in this case, very disturbing.  

This time, the honor of creating one of the most revolting methods of robbing unsuspecting residents and tourists goes to the muggers in the UAE.

Two years back, residents of Abu Dhabi were alarmed when they were warned by local law enforcers to beware of pickpockets during bank trips. These sneaky thieves are using a new and improved method of grabbing wallets and flying off.

It started when a man in Abu Dhabi was withdrawing money from ATM in a rather vibrant and crowded part of the city when someone appeared in front of him and spontaneously started to spit on his clothes. As a natural reaction, the man recoiled and was still trying to understand what just happened when the stranger vanished. Putting his hand in his pocket to check if his wallets with fresh-out-of-ATM cash was still there, the man came out empty.

The wallet was nowhere to be found, the spitting stranger used his swift and sneaky fingers to grab the wallet while the man was distracted with the spit on his clothes.

Though the police did all they could to keep an eye on the wrongdoers and warning the public, this wasn’t the last we heard of this method.

A year later and just a month shy of 2017, this technique emerged once again, this time in Ajman. This time, it was a pair of two and they succeeded in robbing a large number of people until they were caught. The criminal duo worked in a pair and managed to walk away from a large number of victims without batting an eye.

One of them would spit on the victim and sidetrack him with all the apologizing and cleaning, while the other would swiftly relieve the innocent man of his wallets and other valuables. Using this method alone, the pair was supposedly able to rob 56,000 hard-earned cash from the victims who were just leaving the Automated Teller Machines or bank after withdrawing their money.

Fortunately, the duo was caught by the Ajman police while they were mugging yet another victim in a shop. There has been no news of the same method from the last two months, but it has definitely given many of the robbers more ideas. Another crafty method that was spotted being used in different provinces of the UAE were people who just came out of the bank and placed their cash somewhere in the ca. They were followed and then misguided into thinking that there was something wrong with the car. As soon as the unsuspected person leaves the car to check the wheels the robber would act quickly and grab the cash from the car.  

These pickpockets are quick, crafty and slippery and catching them is proving to be a challenge for the police.