Car Theft in the UAE

The cases of car theft in the UAE have been decreased as compared to the previous years, but there are still some fraudsters who steal valuable items from the cars. The Capital Police Directorate has made several efforts to address this issue. Police officers in the UAE vigilantly monitor attempts of thefts and many criminals have been caught red-handed and subsequently, arrested can convicted. Additionally, Capital Police have also made efforts to create awareness among the locals and expats.

Warning By the Police and the Most Stolen Car Items

According to Brigadier Maktoum Al Shareefi, the Capital Police gave multiple warnings to the locals and expats, but they were not taken seriously by the people. This resulted in encouragement among the car thieves. The Brigadier further adds that most stolen items include money, laptops, mobile phones and all types of gadgets that are exposed in plain view in any car. Bottom line - electronics are hot items for would be thieves.

People were told not to leave their cars unlocked and unattended, but they did so, regardless. This gave irresistible opportunity to the fraudsters to drive off with the vehicle or to steal valuable belongings. These criminals are just looking for such opportunities. You may think that they may not harm you in public, but they have their evil eyes on your car near super markets, bakeries and busy areas so that no one can see them.

Negligence of Vehicle Owners and Car Theft Preventive Methods

Often, some expats and locals unwillingly neglect their car. For instance, they often leave their doors open to visit the general store for a few minutes, thinking they will be back immediately. These few minutes give an enticing opportunity to the fraudsters to steal your valuable items. According to Brigadier Maktoum Al Shareefi, eighty two thieves were caught from different countries stealing belongings from cars.

He further added that sixteen more criminals were caught breaking the windows and while opening the cars. The main reason behind these thefts is the negligence of vehicle owners according to the Brigadier. Vehicle owners should be really very careful and consider the following preventive methods for the safety of their valuable items.  

  • You should not leave your valuable items in the vehicle. In case, you have to keep them in the car, you should ensure to properly lock the door of the car.

  • In addition to this, when you keep the valuable items in the car, you should also make sure that they are not lying in front, on the dashboard or in plain view to passersby.

  • Sometimes, car owners also leave their car’s engine on without any driver or passenger inside. This also encourages thieves to drive off with the car.

  • Another good way to secure your car from theft is to shield them using burglary alarm.

  • You should also only park your car in the designated areas. This can secure your vehicles from thieves.

Brigadier Al Shareefi added that the Capital Police is fighting with all types of crimes including car thefts. He believes that locals and expats of the UAE should co-operate with the police by following the precautionary methods.