Cybercriminals on the Rise in the UAE

As technology advances, criminals find new ways to scam the unsuspected. Even if we left out the technical aspect, crooks will look for new methods to get to your money. Let's take a look and see what their latest tactics are.

Many serious financial crimes are now being committed by using the internet. Cybercrimes are now increasing in number as people fall prey to various modern hacking techniques being used by such criminals. These cyber criminals use various hacking or fraudulent techniques to gain access to your financial or personal information. Some of the methods used by these cyber criminals in the UAE include:

Free Public Wi-Fi:

Cybercriminals have found various modern methods to carry out their illegal motives. The most dangerous among them is done by using a Wi-Fi to hack into other people’s mobiles. They set up a Wi-Fi hotspot, usually with attention grabbing names like ‘Free Public Wi-Fi’, therefore conning people into logging in. Sometimes, they even use this fraudulent strategy in malls where they make a free Wi-Fi network with the mall or shop’s name so that people can connect to the network without feeling being suspicious, but once they connect to the network, all of their information is hacked. Most of the time people remain unaware about the risks involved when connecting to a public Wi-Fi network.  Cyber criminals use various different methods to infiltrate networks for gathering personal as well as financial details of people.

The main motive of cybercriminals behind hacking is usually to gain access to financial details or to steal any personal data or information in order to further scam or blackmail the victim.

Using Sold Smartphone:

Another method used by cybercriminals is gaining access to your information from your old Smartphone which you sold to a shop. Mostly, they have either teamed up with the shopkeepers or the shop owners themselves are the once stealing your data from your mobile. You might feel safe thinking that you have erased all the content on your phone, but hackers can still recover the content using certain special applications.

Therefore, it is better to not to sell your old Smartphone or erase all data very thoroughly in order to avoid such problems.

Fake Charities:

Many UAE residents are being scammed by fake online charities, which trick them into sending their Zakat (Charity donation mandatory on Muslims).

The police is although able to monitor street begging, but concerns are increasing for online scams since a few fake charities and welfare organizations have risen who never use the funds for intended purposes.

WhatsApp messages and emails showing unfortunate and distressing scenes of children or people from refugee camps are sent to people and charity is requested for their help, but all of it is only a setup to trick people.


With the advent of the internet, many things have become relatively easy. But this has also opened ways for unauthorized access to your personal information and data. If you are not careful enough, you may become a victim of modern day scams on the internet. The government of the UAE does have the facility to deal with such circumstances where a fraud happened to you. You can report about the fraud by visiting and filling a form on their website.