The Extent of Extravagances and Malfeasance of Saudi Royals Exposed

The sordid fact is that absolute regimes generate more crazy stories as compared to democracies. And the same is true for Saudi Arabia. The extravagant vacations of the Saudi King and his entourage in Europe make the headlines from time to time. The royal family literally takes over the area where they are vacationing that is put off limit to the locals. Should it come as a surprise then that millions of dollars are spent on these lavish vacations?

The expenditures are disproportionate for a country that is facing social and economic problems due to low oil prices. In this article, we will reveal the extent of the outlandish and rambunctious lifestyle and unrestrained spending of the Saudi royal family.

A Close Look at Saudi Royal Family’s Extravagance and Blatant Abuse of Power

Even as the Saudi Government closed a number of projects as part of the austerity program, the royal family continued their wasteful spending. Recently the Saudi Arabian king had taken 459 tonnes of cargo on his 9-day official trip to Indonesia. Among the luggage included Mercedes-Benz S600 limousines and two electric elevators. The King’s entourage was also grand comprising of about 1500 individuals including princes, ministers, and security personnel.  

Whenever the royal family visits a foreign country on an official or unofficial visit, the entire suites and villas of hotels are booked for the royal family. During vacations, the royal family is said to spend between $90 and $300 million.  

Most of the powerful Saudi royals own grand lavish homes in Europe and the US. They buy the most expensive jewels, own dozens of luxury cars, fly on private jets and sail the seas on luxury yachts. Examples of extravagance include $1.2 million diamond and emerald necklace bought by a Saudi prince. Another Saudi royal family member had bought $10,000 outfit with purple and pink raccoon boas.

Attitude of Being above the Law

The Saudi royal family members think that they are above the law. The thinking is not just constrained to the Kingdom but abroad as well. One prince who was accused of making sexual advances towards three female workers in his $37 million Beverly mansion stated, ‘I am a prince, I can do anything I want.’

A lot of princes have been accused of breaking the law in the foreign country. However, due to diplomatic immunity that eventually gets off. A Saudi royal prince was accused and convicted of pedophilia and rape in Czechoslovakia.He was said to have raped the Czech school girls between the ages of 12 and 14 in his sumptuous Prague apartment. A district court had sentenced the prince to 2-year imprisonment. But the Municipal Prague Court allegedly under the Saudi influence had abolished the verdict.

The stories of extravagance and malfeasance of the Saudi royal family are endless. The western leaders have turned a blind eye to the sordid stories of abuse. The Saudis have invested millions of dollars in European and US markets. Their blatant abuse of power usually goes unpunished as they exert a strong influence around the world due to the oil wealth.