Foolproof Methods to Stay Safe from Vandalism in the UAE

Vandalism is defined as an action of raiding other’s properties on purpose and destroying belongings of people or of the state. The experience of vandalism comes as a hard blow to the victims who suddenly find their valuable cars or their houses abused and destroyed. Vandalism is a problem that is faced everywhere in the world and the people of UAE experience this a lot more than other citizens due to their high number of juvenile delinquents and vengeful expatriates who have been treated unfairly.

Let’s look at some of the incidents where the citizens of UAE, became victims of vandalism and other inconveniences that came knocking on their doors uninvited:

Repeated Offenders:

There was an incident last year where 28-years old, long-term resident of Sharjah, UAE, found out that she had again become the target of offenders while she was just meters away from her home. The victim rehashed her experience in which she told the media that her Honda Civic became subject of vandalism twice in two months.

Just after a week of purchase, her car’s paint job was destroyed by a sharp object and had to be repainted by paying a hefty amount.  Just after 60 days, the vandalism happened again but this time the Canadian-expat didn’t have the means to pay for the repaint. On both occasions, the car was just parked outside of the house. The Canadian family also became victims of burglary and theft over the years.

Parking Lot:

Another incident happened where residents of Bur Dubai reported vandalism in a community parking lot where several cars were damaged by scratching the bodies of the cars and deflating the tires causing major inconveniences and causing costly expenses to the car owners.

Posh Areas:

In most countries, it is the seedy neighborhood that people fear but in the UAE, even luxurious and posh places like the Jumeirah Lakes Towers are not safe from these petty acts of vandalism. In the parking lot of the modish towers, the car owners are warned to park correctly as some twisted form of a law abiding citizen is on the lookout and often punishes the car owners by destroying their cars with scratch marks and spots.


When a huge real estate and property management company in Dubai went out of business overnight and left hundreds of employees jobless without warning or notice, it became subjected to retaliation. Broken windows and vandalised offices were found in the morning.


In the UAE, you can always expect to become subjected to vandalism and therefore it is only smart to take preventive measures beforehand. Some techniques involve being careful of unlocked doors of the house and inadequate lighting in public areas.  Also, make sure that there are no open entrances on the property. If you have managed to anger some people, then it would be wise to notify the police in advance. It will also help to act immediately by either going after the felons or by removing the evidence as vandals like it when their work is kept on display.