Greedy Family Tricked Innocents with a Cold Calling Scam in Dubai

Scammers and con artists are everywhere in the world and Dubai is no exception. Having some of the most beautiful landscapes and views, Dubai is a place where scamming of any type is on rife. Among the different types of scamming is cold calling, which has left a lot of people empty handed and in despair. Have a look how one group tricked innocent people through a cold calling scam in Dubai.   

Greedy and Fraudulent Family Tricked People by Stealing Thirteen Hundred Thousand Pounds from Them

Recently, sources reported that a fierce and greedy family tricked some innocent pensioners. They took £1,300,000 from them and proudly spent the money on watches, cars and designer bags. However, some day or the other, these con artists and scammers were bound to be caught as they could not spend their entire lives cheating people. So now, they are being jailed and are going to spend the rest of their lives in jail for twenty years.

A family posing as Visa advisers declared that they were targeted in a scam and phoned up people telling them to pay money into a bank account. The family also invited their own victim to redial their own bank’s fraud team in order to gain the trust of their potential victims. Approximately 42 people were fooled and encouraged to transfer their savings into a bank account. Having £1,300,000 transferred over, the fraudsters then spent money like water on luxury cars, expensive watches, trips abroad, handbags and clothes.

This vicious family declared that they have been involved in cold calling scams for the last two years. Unfortunately, the victims can never get their money back as the bank's view such incidents as the victim’s own fault. The judge reported that people who have been victims of such incidents were naïve and should be cautious and vigilant in the future.

Cold Calling Scam Trending

Foreigners are usually unfamiliar about the cold calling scam so those who do not know about it, should understand that cold calling is a way of making sales contact via email, phone or fax which you do not ask for. This practice is not a scam in real as it is just a sales promotional tool, but scammers just need to find variations of scamming and so, they opt for it.  

Con artists make initial calls in this form of scamming with intentions of stealing from them. Scammers usually call, email or fax, taking names of licensed firms and brands, which is completely illegal but they do so to gain your trust and making things legal for themselves. There was a case of a family which tricked innocent people and proudly lavished the millions of dollars on expensive items. Check out how they tricked them below. 

If you think that you are also getting scam calls and want to secure yourself from such con artists, you should directly report or call the nearest police station in Dubai before any mishap.