How To Avoid On-Line Credit Card Fraud in UAE

As fraud continues in the UAE and surrounding areas, staying vigilant when using your credit card on-line is just as important. 


One in ten residents in the United Arab Emirates has been a victim of online credit card fraud. Earlier this year, Dubai’s Department of Economic Development worked with Visa on a weeklong campaign to spread credit card security awareness. Fraudulent translations in UAE affect both residents and tourists. As digital payments grow due to online shoppers, so does fraud in the UAE. In February, Dubai Police arrested 381 suspects involved in online credit card fraud that lasted two years. 37% of those that lost money due to online fraud in UAE were unable to recover it. Many also fall victim to fake websites that steal credit card information.

Neil Fernandes, Head of Risk Services for the Middle East and West Africa, Visa, said that with increasing online e-commerce among those living in UAE, Visa and the Department of Economic Development is committed to educating customers on fraud-proof online shopping.

Those living in the UAE can keep themselves safe by only doing business with reputable vendors. When browsing online, be sure to keep your information encrypted by only going on secure sites. These sites usually have a URL that begins with “https:” and a padlock icon. Be wary of emails that request any sort of information, such as your credit card number or any other personal information. If you lose your card, contact your bank or credit card company immediately. The sooner a card is reported lost, the sooner an investigation can be started and fraudulent charges can be reversed. Use websites that have anti-fraud systems, such as Visa’s Certified by Visa online system that confirms a customer’s identity while online purchases are made using a Visa card. When purchasing anything online in the UAE or from UAE websites, be sure to check your statements and receipts of your purchase and compare them to your bank or credit card statements right away. Report any fraudulent charges or changes immediately!