Job Scammers in Dubai Can Steal all your Money

Dubai is booming day by day and so are the bad deeds, unfortunately. Reports about scamming are beccomming more common, resuting in job scams increasing by the day. Here’s how job scammers work in Dubai to cheat you.

Variations in Job Scamming

The thieves use different variations in the scam so that job seekers do not doubt their identity or truthfulness. Before we move on to the procedure, let us share some ways through which these job scammers in Dubai are fooling you.

Fake Job Posts

Are you among those who simply send your resumes or CVs without actually verifying the job posting? If yes, then you need to reconsider and beware and vigilant in this regard. You should always research about the company before taking such a step. Also, you should see if they really exist and are for real. Needy candidates are often fooled by such job scammers by taking advantage of their situation.

No Interviews for Jobs

Always remember that credible firms never hire candidates without conducting interviews. If you are looking for work in Dubai, then you cannot find a job without an interview. So, if you are getting one without an interview, then you need to think about it. Firms in Dubai are very strict about the recruiting process as they recruit candidates from all over the world. Thus, it is necessary for them to conduct interviews.

Filling a Questionnaire

A questionnaire asks for all your personal information and this is one of the best ways for the job scammers to steal your identity. These scammers often ask about your credit card details, passport details and some other details they think would be enough to swindle you. Thus, wait and think as it might be a red flag. Firms do not require your passport details ever but these scammers ask for it so that they can get your personal details.

No Contact Details

These job scammers often play with you by sending you emails from Gmail accounts but do not send you their contact details. If such is the case, then this is another red flag for you. Credible and reliable recruiters do not operate just like that; they send you all their contact details, business name and locations so that you can track them in Dubai. Always watch out for missing contact details as there are chances of you getting scammed.  

Fake Job Scamming Procedure

So, here’s the way these job scammers work in fooling foreigners.

First, they offer you a position and then send you a questionnaire, asking for personal information and passport details. Then, they copy information from the original website of the company they are posing to be. Next, they give you the offer letter declaring that you have been selected for the job and ask you to pay fees to a specific travel agency in Dubai to get the visa. After that, they will reimburse your fees. Here you need to think; companies recruit you on their own visa and any other visa is considered illegal by credible firms.

All foreigners need to be aware of such job scammers in Dubai as they can put you in a significant loss by stealing all your money.