Job Scams and Fake Recruitments – The Mainstream Crime in the UAE

Lack of jobs is a worldwide pandemic. From the moment they give their last exam, new graduates and fresh-out-of-college youngsters have to worry about repaying their loans and carving a place for themselves in the world. Slowly yet harshly, they too began to understand the woes people have been lamenting as soon as they step into real life. As time passes by and job seekers start having sleepless nights about their lack of experiences and CVs too basic to land a job, they begin to get desperate.

And when this desperation is felt by the scammers, wrongdoers and fraudsters, they take this an as opportunity to earn some cash while crushing the dreams and hopes of the already-broke fresher. Unfortunately, one country where this swindling is escalating rapidly and managed to victimize many people (still is) is UAE.

How do these scams work

They start with false promises and deep rooted lies, tempting the job-seekers with the package and parcels of getting the job. Providing residence in UAE is one of the biggest lie and tempting factor. All they ask is for the job seekers to pay a certain amount of money for this and that requirements, leading the candidates to think that they have already got the job.

Here’s how scammers in the UAE are exploiting the vulnerability of job seekers in the UAE:

Lucrative Positions:

The need for money and desperation makes us lose all sense and logic, which is why even if you think of these college fresher as fools, most others would have done the same had they been in their position.

What these scammers do is offer such lucrative jobs and high-paying positions to the people in need of jobs that they couldn’t help but start day dreaming, expecting and hoping to grab these promising positions for themselves. Needless to say, they are swindled out of their last vestiges of money.

Credible Means:

Scammers and con artists have only one defining quality and that is their intelligence. While misplaced and misused, they use their mind abundantly, just for all the wrong reasons. These scammers don’t post these tempting job vacancies on pages that seem shady. The job vacancies are posted on some of the most popular and credible job sites, leading the jobseekers to trust it and begin to apply as soon as possible.

Intricate Lies:

Every educated person should search for the organization's history and learn a little something about it as soon as vacancy interests them. As we established earlier, these scammers are smart and make sure an intricate web of lies is in place. They create fake accounts, fake profiles and even fake reviews to keep the victim in dark.

Neat Attempts:

A good web front is what attracts people and inspires them. These scammers know that as well and so they put up such an authentic appearing and high quality webpage and sent email that looks nothing other than professional and high graded. One look is enough to fool the attempters into believing that this place is promising.

The worst part is, they use the names of some of the biggest organizations and work so craftily that the real ones don’t get to know about it until many have already been looted in their name.