Scammers in Dubai Using Social Media to Get 'Easy Money'

Expats that are traveling to Dubai are advised to remain extra cautious while using social media.  A number of scammers are targeting expats living in Dubai, according to a senior prosecutor at Bur Dubai Prosecution.  

A large number of users have become a target of social media scams.  The fraudsters resort to a different type of swindling methods to pocket easy money.  

Foreigners residing in Dubai are advised to take extra precautionary measures and remain vigilant when using social media. Scammers in the Gulf Arab city are targeting expats using fake social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others.

Details of the Social Media Scams Targeting Expats in Dubai

Increasing numbers of thieves and gangs have been preying on social media users to hoodwink them through different means. They try to force the users into divulging confidential information such as their credit card number of bank account number.

The fraudsters try to initiate confidential conversation with the users in order to have them share sensitive information on social media. In March of this year, a woman was robbed of Dh 200,000 ($55,000) by three men who had posed as businessmen on LinkedIn.  

The preliminary examination had found that the suspects had contacted the women from her LinkedIn account.  One of the men posed himself as an Iraqi-based American soldier who was interested in investing Dh15 million ($4 million) in Dubai. He made the message looked legitimate by sending the woman a copy of the original passport.

The person impersonating as the American soldier had convinced the women to communicate with another confidante to wire the money. However, once she had wired the money she had found that she had been hoodwinked by the social media scammers.

This is not the only case that has come to the limelight. The Dubai authorities say that a large number of scammers are prowling the net looking for expats in oil–rich gulf countries. Expats are advised to take extra precautionary measures whenever communicating with unknown persons online.


Fraudulent online scammers often pose as persons needing help to support their families or clear their dues. They look for people that can be easily tricked into handing them ‘easy money’. The best defense is to remain extra vigilant whenever sharing information online.  

Avoid responding to messages in social media accounts that look suspicious. At no time should expats accept to wire money to strangers. The social media is like an ocean filled with sharks prowling for easy prey. It’s advised that you remain vigilant whenever communicating with an unknown person in the social media sites.