Street Scams Trending in UAE in a Variety of Ways

Are you in expat in Dubai or Abu Dhabi? Then you need to be very vigilant, as there are a variety of scams that are occurring in the UAE. Con artists are looking for every chance and opportunity to swindle expats and foreigners out of their money. According to sources, street scams are trending in a variety of ways.

Here are some fraudulent methods used by con artists that require you to be careful:


Three Card Monte

This game is played all over the world and is one of the most infamous scams known in most world cities. If you think it is just one person playing this game, you are mistaken. There is the dealer, the accomplice who plays the roll of the loser (so that you can get conned in) and the look out. 
Once you are convinced how easy this game is to win, the dealer uses - what amounts to some slick slight of hand card tricks, which will ensure t that you will lose every time.

Don't play this game. More important, don't respond to anyone about money when in the street! 
Click the image to learn more about the 3-Card Monte scam


Fake Injuries

Street scams are usually just another way of begging but it can happen to you in several ways. There have been many stories that are reported regarding such scams. Victims report that people approach them claiming a fake injury and beg for money to pay their hospital bills. They look so miserable and needy that they could force anyone to give them money out of sheer sympathy.

While this has become really common, everyone needs to be alert of scammers, as they could be nearby. Here is variety of ways chosen by these scammers to make you a fool and drain you of your finances.

Losing Money by Claiming Winnings

This is one of the most common ways in which scammers might attempt to defraud you. Scammers swindle you with phone calls. In this case, you may receive a phone call declaring that you won a huge amount through a lucky number. To claim your winnings, they will tell you to buy some prepaid card. On buying it, you will give them the chance to steal all your money and you will be left empty handed.

Missed Calls from International Numbers

Yes, the missed calls you think are from your loved ones are sadly from the scammers. Con artists usually give a brief call at night in such a way that you will be forced to call them back. On calling them back, they will inform you about the lottery or prize you won (which is obviously not true). Then, they will ask you to transfer a huge amount of money to have the prize along with your credit card and passport details. Ultimately, they steal all your money from you as well as your identity.

Knocking on the Door

In this method of scamming, females usually come and knock on doors of residences and start crying right in front of you, begging for any sort of help. It could be for the help of their children, husband, parents or anyone. Often, it is seen that such women hold a crying weak baby in hand to pull at your heartstrings. For this reason, it is always better to look through the peephole before opening the door in order to avoid them.

What You Should Do to Deal with Them?

These scammers are roaming everywhere in the UAE. Unfortunately, if you ever face such an issue, you should always protect yourself. Go to police station and report the crimes done by these scammers. If not, then you can directly visit the State Audit Institution to report about your fraud. Most importantly, the best way to avoid them is to be extra vigilant about these matters.