Tips To Avoid Getting Arrested in the UAE

UAE has one of the lowest crime rates compared to the rest of the world. This is due to the fact that it imposes strict regulations on its citizens and tourists alike. The police force throughout the UAE is notorious for their indifferent attitude, as it is next to impossible to reason with them. The UAE being an Islamic state has incorporated their beliefs into their law, which is known as Sharia. These laws reflect their Islamic practices and the ideology that they abide by. Some of the states in the UAE have even more strict rules, for instance, Ajman strictly enforces the Islamic law.

The locals have gotten accustomed to the strict rules and regulations that are imposed by the state, but tourists often find themselves in jail, as they have no idea that they are committing a felony. “Ignorance of the law is no excuse”. This applies throughout the world but specially in the UAE, as there are many cases where tourists commit crimes which in their home country would not even be considered a misdemeanor. A recent survey was conducted which determined that a large majority of the crimes committed in popular tourist spots like Dubai are perpetrated by tourists. These tourists face heavy fines and even prison sentences according to the magnitude of the crime.

Tops Tips To Help Avoid Committing Crimes In UAE

    • Flip someone off: Showing the middle finger is of course offensive, but is not a crime in most countries. In the UAE, it is considered a crime that could result in a fine or imprisonment.

    • Kiss in a public place: Kissing someone in public is a way of showing affection, but in the UAE it is considered as public indecency. This normally has a heavy fine as a punishment.

    • Homosexuality in the UAE is a crimeThere is no getting around it. Penalities are severe.
    • Making a video: Making a video is normal for most tourists as they want to have a memory of every moment they spend in the UAE, but if you make a video of someone without their permission, this is also a crime.

    • Bouncing a check: Many people often bounce checks for different reasons often due to simple mistakes. But if you are the unfortunate person whose check bounced anywhere in the UAE, it will result in jail time.

    • Poppy seed bagel: Poppy seeds has properties that are the source for drugs such as opium and heroin. If you are caught consuming or carrying poppy seeds, you will be charged with possession of drugs which could result in a prison sentence for more than five years.

    • Chatting with women: Never make the mistake of trying to flirt with women in the UAE. If she does not appreciate your advances, she will report you for harassment. Harassment cases are dealt with severe prison sentences.