Top Four Elements to Stop Corruption in UAE

According to a research conducted in the Middle East, internal fraud is becoming less frequent as compared to external one.

While the internet and the web have made lives easier, they have also made lives difficult on many fronts. That being said, internet related frauds and corruption are really on the rife and are one of the major problems in the UAE. Here are some elements that can help in controlling corruption in the UAE.

  1.  Citizens Should Demand Anti-Corruption

While citizens are being themselves targeted for corruption, they can be one of the most powerful sources to be used against corruption. As a responsibility to the country, citizens can be strengthened to demand for anti-corruption movements.

Standing for anti-corruption and holding government accountable to act against it or take a serious action towards every corrupt person, can build a mutual trust between the government and citizens. When two powerful sources will come together, fraudsters and corrupt people will likely feel intimidated by the consequences and potential strict actions that can be taken against them.

  1.  Information Should Be Transparent and Easy to Access

Countries which are successful at controlling corruption follow a tradition of openness, transparency, freedom of press and easy access to information. With reduced corruption, ease in access to information will have a positive effect on the level of participation in the country as well as stimulating the responsiveness of government bodies. If the UAE government enables transparency in information and make it easier to access, hopefully we will find some decrease in corruption.

  1.  Impunity Should be Ended

Impunity is exemption from punishments. Normally, the UAE police does not spare fraudsters for committing crime but there have been some cases about expats who were left due to impunity. Law enforcement and punishment for crimes is the main reason behind fewer frauds in countries which have low crime rates. Fraudsters and corrupt people cannot even think about doing a crime or corruption because of effective law enforcement in these countries. Corrupt are punished, breaking the cycle of impunity. The UAE can come up with a strong legal framework, effective court system, and law enforcement branches so that the corrupt people are held accountable for their corruption and frauds.

  1.  International Loopholes Should Be Closed

One of the best ways to control corruption throughout the world is to cut down the access to the international financial systems. This means that government should close the ways from where corruption is possible. For instance, the UAE can start anti-money laundering directive so that fraudsters are not able to launder money.

The UAE government is trying its best to stop corruption following some of their own ways. The mentioned ways can also contribute to controlling corruption in the UAE.