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United Arab Emirates™ Royal Family: Google This!

In a First-of-Its-Kind Strategy, Defrauded U.S. Business Investors Enlisting Power of Social Media To Retrieve $18 Million

Lawsuit Alleges Money Was Stolen by Highly Placed Officials Of The U.A.E. Government and Affiliated With the Royal Family


Stonewalling By U.A.E. Government and U.A.E .Law Enforcement Drives New York Lawyer, Businessman and Investor, Howard Fensterman, To Mount On-line Crusade to Warn of Fraud Perpetrated on 30 + American Investors by People Affiliated with the Ruling Family and to Seek Return of Their Money

Lake Success, NY (December 1, 2010)– In an unprecedented use of “social media” in support of what he characterizes as a “modern-day, international David vs. Goliath battle,” Howard Fensterman, New York attorney, businessman and investor, has turned from traditional business remedies and launched an innovative web-based communications campaign designed to accomplish what he, three members of Congress, and several lawyers could not yet do: get the government of  the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E) and the Royal Family of  Abu Dhabi to facilitate the return of the money stolen from him and 30 + other U.S. businessmen who were working to establish an insurance company, American Gulf Insurance Corporation (AGI), in the U.A.E. at the behest of the Royals. These accusations are included in a recently filed law suit in Florida. 


“This is a cautionary story of fraud and criminal behavior -- including embezzlement from AGI’s business bank accounts in the U.A.E., forgery of signatures and the creation of falsified bank statements perpetrated by prominent people affiliated with the Royal Family of Abu Dhabi,” according to Howard Fensterman, managing partner of Abrams, Fensterman, a law firm located in New York City and on Long Island, a businessman, and an investor. Fensterman, who in addition to investing his own money in the AGI offering, raised a majority of the $18 million that was stolen by highly placed officials of the U.A.E. government.

There were over 16 U.A.E. nationals involved as “sponsors” and locally appointed board members of AGIC that are high ranking members and close relatives of the Royal Family including Sheikh Hazza Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, a member of the Royal Family of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and brother of the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi. Sheikh Hazza is the National Security Advisor of the United Arab Emirates and assumed the role of the Sponsor of AGI. 

A lawsuit growing out of the theft of $18 million - - the funds required in accordance with U.A.E. law as necessary for proceeding with an initial public offering for American Gulf Insurance in the UAE -- was recently filed in Florida state court and is available upon request.

Business Leaders Employ “Social Media”

“Investors are taking advantage of the power of all existing web-based search engines to reach every business and individual interested in investing in the U.A.E.  We will leave no stone unturned in our efforts to call national and international attention to this outlandish injustice,” says Howard Fensterman. 

The U.A.E., Abu Dhabi and Dubai, continue to run a high visibility, multi-media marketing and advertising campaign in the U.S. designed to encourage Americans to invest in the region.

“By populating our own website,,with the facts around our case and bringing our story of fraud on the part of people affiliated with the government and the Ruling Family of the U.A.E. to all appropriate on-line news services, blogs, webzines, on-line newsletters, and other outlets, we are going to optimize search engine results for key words associated with the U.A.E., investing in the U.A.E.”

“Our goal is to call attention to the fact that the investment allure represented in the U.S. by the U.A.E. stands in stark contrast to our experience and the experience of others as to the actual way business is allowed to be conducted on the ground,” Fensterman notes.

According to Mr. Fensterman, “This is an investment gone wrong, not because of the quality or efficacy of the investment itself, but because under no circumstances can anyone reasonably protect against deliberate, planned fraud and theft, especially when the individuals responsible for the misdeeds are associated with the highest echelons of the U.A.E. government and Royal family.”