Electronic Vandalism: Vandals’ Profiles and Protecting Yourself

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Even after the abundance of illegal transactions within the electronic and online world, experts are still not sure of the extent of losses inflicted by the unlawful activities associated with these crimes. A rough idea of these losses can be estimated by the fact that around $525 million is lost annually by US companies via cybercrimes.

Among all these e-crimes, faced by the companies and individuals alike, electronic vandalism is the one mostly hit the businesses and ventures operating online. Electronic vandalism not only imposes tangible damages in terms of loss and corruption of data and media but also have intangible repercussions for businesses in the shape of tarnished reputation and an uncertain work environment.

What is Electronic Vandalism?

Nowadays, every malicious activity associated with electronic gadgets and equipment is referred by a broader term of cybercrimes. But cybercrimes are not just one set of crimes reiterated in the same manner. Now, there are a lot of different subtypes of cybercrimes and electronic vandalism can be classified as one of them.

In simple words, electronic vandalism entails the determined and intentional malicious attempt to destroy or manipulate the electronic media and data through viruses, malevolent codes and other similar means. Most of the times, it is noted that these electronic vandals are obliterating the computer systems without any definite agenda or reason.

Profiles of Electronic Vandals

Let’s look into profiles of different type of electronic vandals who instigate these malicious attacks resulting in a compromised online environment.

Programming Students

Programming language is the backbone of computers systems and networks and hence can be altered or modified to vandal any related systems. Students proficient in writing programming flaunt their skills through writing a malicious software program commonly known as malware.

To savor the power of their craftiness, they may attack computer and network systems vulnerable to the malicious codes developed by them. Most of the times, intentions of these amateur vandals are just to show off their skills and stir up “powerful entities with the actions of an individual.”

Nevertheless, display of these skills by certain individuals can cause loss of money and reputation to the victims of vandalism.

Students Turning Into Malware Supplier

Getting encouraged by their successful initial attempts, many students even turn into part-time malware suppliers. Recently, an 18 year old student has been charged with providing malwares used in cyber-attacks targeting large companies and multinationals such as Netflix, T-mobile and Amazon. It shows that simple cases of electronic vandalism can turn into large scale cyber crimes if not addressed promptly.

Proving a Point

Some of the students who are still in the process of mastering the art of computer programming confine themselves to develop something uncharacteristic to prove their worth. In doing so, they start to write viruses to impress their peers and to establish their creed. Many primitive malwares used in electronic vandalism attributed to the students who were trying to prove a point.

Professional Developers and Researchers

Many of these students who have once tasted the success with any electronic vandal activity grow into professional developers and researchers. They then try to adapt and build newer ways to encroach upon someone’s electronic property.

Professional developers of malwares and researchers do the activities of vandalism not for fun. They get paid to damage and infect the digital properties of companies and businesses from the ones who get larger benefits from the resulting situation. They use complex codes, features of social engineering and other plenty of tricks to prompt vandalism.

Protecting Yourself From Electronic Vandalism

If your business features computer system and networks, then you are always vulnerable to the acts of electronic vandalism. So, must prepare yourself for the nasty aspects of technology.

Having your computer systems protected with antivirus software is the first line of defense in face of all such attacks. Hiring a security specialist will also help you in devising strategy to counter electronic vandalism.

Getting your business covered with insurance especially for electronic vandalism is also a good practice for getting the compensation for any potential losses. Crux of the matter is you have to remain vigilant all the time in order to protect yourself from electronic vandalism.

Posted On January 13, 2018