Hit and Run Cases are on the Rise in the UAE

Do you often walk on the UAE roads? Well, you should be careful walking around. According to the latest reports, road accidents in the UAE are on the rise. Furthermore, these accidents are causing serious injuries to people and even the number of deaths has increased. Unfortunately, the UAE government has for the most pert not been able to control the number of road accidents even after fines and sanctions for negligent driving are given out. But some new laws have made a difference to the extent we will be discussing in this article.

Hit and Run Case

As the name implies, hit and run cases are the ones where the driver hits a person on the road with their vehicle and after committing the accident, intentionally leaves the scene. In addition they are leaving from the liability for their actions.

This may worsen the situation and injury that could lead to the death of the victim. Law has provided some sanctions against these acts and orders police to arrest the person involved in a hit and run cases instantly. Here are the cases that are considered as hit and run in the UAE.

  • An accident that causes death of another person when doing rash driving.
  • Driving the vehicle in a drunk state or under the influence of alcohol, depriving them of their power to control it.
  • When a person is not giving their genuine name or address at the time of occurrence of the accident
  • A person who tries to flee due to the accident harming another person or in the case of not following an order given by the police force.

Rules for Drivers to Prevent Injuries to Pedestrians

Rules and regulations should be followed by the drivers to avoid injuring or harming the pedestrians.

  • It is necessary for the drives to slow down their vehicles to a minimum speed when they are coming towards the passage for pedestrians. There are few roads that do not have traffic signs or police, therefore drivers should slow down in case they see a pedestrian crossing and let them cross. The vehicle should stop until the pedestrian has crossed the road.
  • When driver sees the traffic signs for the passage of the pedestrians, it is a must for them to halt. Additionally, a driver is not supposed to drive when the pedestrian is halfway and the passage sign goes red. The driver should wait for the passenger to pass and then should start driving again.

Drivers will be fined five hundred Dirhams in case they do not follow or violate the mentioned regulations.

Sanctions and Penalty Fees

Drivers may even get arrested if they violate any of the rules. Also, sanctions provided for the hit and run case is imprisonment and a minimum amount of twenty five thousand Dirhams as fine. Drivers are charged similar penalties in case the vehicle driver is driving under the effect of alcoholic drinks, consumed anesthetic substances or drugs.

As a driver, you should be really careful while driving or else you have to end up paying heavy penalties and fines to the government.

Posted On November 1, 2017