Human Sex Trafficking In The UAE

Human sex trafficking is one of the most horrible activities that plague our society today. Every year, more women are exploited and enslaved in inhumane circumstance and are sold to the highest bidder. A large portion of these women are given a glimpse of hope to change their lives by traveling to a foreign country under the impression that they have a job waiting for them, little do these poor souls know that they are going to be forced into prostitution.

The magnitude of this horrible business of human sex trafficking is increasing every year as women from all around the world are offered a chance to escape their impoverished homes to a new country. Little do they know that traveling to the UAE is one of the worst decisions of their life. The employer who sponsors the traveling and accommodation expenses withholds their passports and then forces them in the prostitution industry to pay back for the expenses incurred. These women do not have any way out of this situation and are often sold to men for years.

The UAE has one of the highest rates of human trafficking in the world. A substantial amount of this trafficking involves women from all around the world who are forced into prostitution. These women are beaten and tortured by their employers to make them adhere to their needs. However, the UAE has started making significant efforts to diminish the amount of sex trafficking, but they still do not comply with the minimum standards prescribed by the human rights act. The rate of prosecution against human sex trafficking has increased which means that this deplorable activity might finally come to an end.

Who Are The Victims Of Sex Trafficking In UAE

The most vulnerable victims of sex trafficking are often women from poverty-stricken societies around the world. These women are often uneducated and their living standards leave them malnourished and often homeless. These employers target such women by exploiting their vulnerability, as they offer them a way out of their difficult lives.

Who Are The Human Sex Traffickers In UAE

Human sex trafficking is a crime of the highest degree so it is safe to say that these employers are criminals who deserve to be behind bars. These people can not only be charged with the offense of sex trafficking but can also be charged with assault and battery as they often beat victims to make sure they do not try to run away. In most cases, sex traffickers are often influential individuals who avoid being prosecuted due to their strategic allegiance to government officials.

Although UAE has initiated different awareness programs and hotlines for trafficking victims, there are still many women out there who are being exploited as we speak. People should realize just how evil this activity is and should make a stand to end sex trafficking for good.

Posted On November 10, 2017