Inside Look at Child Abuse Cases in Qatar

The Supreme Council for Family Affairs, Qatar, published a report in 2013, which stated that one in five children in Qatar is subjected to some sort of abuse. This abuse includes a wide variety of offenses including verbal assault, physical assault, and sexual assault. The rate of children being abused in Qatar is steadily increasing as no one is shedding light on this horrible problem. These poor children are deprived of a normal childhood and are traumatized for the rest of their lives.

The report “Abuse and violence against children” examined a variety of abuses that children of Qatar face, this includes abuse at home and abuse at school as well as sexual abuse. Their findings highlighted the fact that children are being exploited and abused in Qatar on a daily basis without any penance. These children are forced to accept the abuse that is being imposed on them, as they cannot see any way out. The government of Qatar has taken a variety of actions against the arbitrary use of power by institutes but is still not initiating action against people who are abusing children in Qatar.

Although Qatar has severe punishments for child abuse and has established a law forbidding corporal punishment for children, there are still many cases of children who are deprived of a normal childhood. These children are victims of circumstance and have no way out of their abuse. They just learn how to live with the abuse being inflicted upon them.

Child Abuse At Home

The abuse and violence against children report stated that 22% of domestic violence is against children. This figure has not decreased over the years but is actually increasing by a substantial margin. The study shed light on the fact that children in Qatar are beaten mercilessly by their parents under the garb of education. These children are subjected to physical and sexual abuse by employees such as maids, drivers and cooks. The reports found that the mother's’ education background was correlated to the abuse of the children. The probability of the child being abused is reduced if the mother is highly educated.

Child Abuse At School

Everywhere around the world, children are victims of some sort of abuse in school, the abuse and violence against children report stated that children of Qatar are not only bullied at a whole different level. These children are abused by teachers and students alike, also the reports expounded the fact that children who are domestically abused at home are more prone to abuse at school as well. This is due to the fact that these children have started believing that violence and abuse is an acceptable part of life. The studies stated that 38% of children are abused in school, a large portion of this percentage is comprised of males but their female counterparts also have found themselves at the receiving end of physical and psychological abuse.

Sexual Abuse

The only bright side of the report’s findings is that children of Qatar are very rarely victims of sexual abuse in school. However, due to the stigma of sexual abuse, data could not be accumulated about the percentage of sexual abuse children face at home. Since insufficient data was accumulated, there is no telling how many children of Qatar are sexually abused at home.

These findings indicate the need for Qatar to establish counseling entities, awareness raising programs and impose more supervision in school to safeguard children from any type of abuse.

Posted On November 9, 2017