Preventive Methods Taken by Families to Safeguard Youngsters from Drug Related Crimes

With breathtaking views and beautiful landscapes, Dubai is one of the cities that many foreigners love to visit. Unfortunately, the city comes with multiple crimes, out of which drug related crimes are on the rife and increasing in Dubai exponentially. According to Gulf News, more than four hundred people were arrested for drug related crimes in the year 2015.

The worst part is that these crimes are commonly done by youngsters and many children are admitted to the hospital because of addiction. Protection of youth and drug prevention should be a very important goal of parents as well as the government. Let’s explore some preventive methods that can secure children from such acts.

Common Symptoms

Before we go into the details of drug-related cases, you should first understand the symptoms in order to recognize if a youngster is a drug addict. You can identify this by looking at the following symptoms.

  • If they are having weakness
  • If they are likely weary
  • If their eyes are mostly red and sore
  • If they are fatigue and exhausted almost every time
  • If they feel irritated in even the shortest physical activity
  • If they try to isolate themselves from friends and family and become introvert
  • If they sleep too much
  • If they are found depressed
  • If they like lying or sleeping every time
  • If they often behave aggressively

Preventive Methods

Now that you know the common symptoms of drugs among youngsters, you can likely understand whether or not they also take drugs. Often, children start drug intake due to peer pressure. Sometimes, they cannot resist themselves due to their environment and sometimes because they want to overcome their loneliness.

This is why it is necessary to communicate and interact with your child. That being said, in case your child has unfortunately started taking drugs, you can prevent them from this addiction. You should first change their mindset and encourage them to make smarter decisions. Help them realize that drugs are not healthy for them. Family can play a key role in fighting and resisting the addiction. Here’s how:

  • Parents should start interacting with their child and make them feel important.
  • Family environment should be filled with praise, friendship and intimacy all around. There should not be any verbal abuse or anything that can make the child feel bad. It can destroy the self-esteem of a child.
  • Parents should have full understanding and awareness of positive skills and parenting skills to deal with their child, especially when they are becoming adults. Try to avoid any mistreatment as that may force them to look towards other sources for pleasure. Try to give them attention every time.
  • Parents should keep a check over children’s social gatherings and the peers with whom they hang out.

Now that you know the preventive methods, we hope you will be able to follow them and keep your child safe from drugs.

Posted On October 29, 2017