Types of Workplace Favoritism in the UAE Corporations

When an applicant is given a job offer from a company in the UAE, it can make them feel like a dream come true for a while. It is great to imagine the joy of the wonderful country, but what if you are not given the value you deserve? Sadly, very few people are hardly recognized for their hard work while others are treated unfairly. This unfair treatment and favoritism among employees in the UAE firms is illegal, yet many employers do not care about it. Favoritism leads to counter productivity. Here are some types of favoritisms that are commonly practiced in the UAE corporations.


This is the type of favoritism where employers hire their friends regardless of their educational background, experience and qualification. When companies practice this form of favoritism, they likely hire non-deserving candidates for the relevant position so that they are benefited.

Additionally, when candidates are hired, they get a feeling of entitlement. Also, they know that they will be given high raises, promotions and will be treated better than others as they are directly related to a person who is already an employee in the company. This kind of favoritism is common the UAE and is the main reason for conflict in the workplace, which leads to losing qualified personnel.

2. Nepotism

This is another kind of favoritism that is commonly practiced in the UAE firms because of which many employees feel demotivated. Nepotism is almost similar to cronyism, the only difference is that employers hire family members despite their qualifications and educational background. Nepotism leads to unfair allotment of job to non-deserving candidates. Nepotism leads to counter-productivity as the hired personnel is not able to perform the job. This can later affect the productivity of the corporation as a whole.

3. Patronage

Patronage is another level of favoritism that is done by the managers or executives themselves. This is a way to promote some employees to higher managerial positions and then asking them to bring in their friends, family members, and relatives. This is an act of cronyism and nepotism combined. This favoritism spreads throughout the company especially among employees, who are favorites of the managers and executives. This leads to unfair promotions and hiring which will ultimately be detrimental to the growth of the company.

4. Sexual Favors

Some employers in the UAE provide employees career advancements and promotions in exchange for sexual favors. This is a form of sexual harassment among employees. There are employees who are ready to exchange sexual favors with their manager or senior authority so that they are given raises and promotions. This favoritism is practiced in several companies all over the world, unfortunately exchanging promotions in lieu of sexual flavors is on the rife in UAE. Employees who care for their self-respect are being treated badly and not given promotions and raises.

These inhumane favoritisms really makes deserving candidates feel miserable and unfortunate, hence they end up looking for other jobs.

Posted On October 25, 2017